The Glass Menagerie

I return from NEWL 2015! It was a great experience, but it’s nice to be back in action. Today’s post is about Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie! This play includes some possibly ableist language and/or depiction and extreme Expressionism, though that second one may not be such a turn off. You’ll enjoy this play if you like memoirs, domestic plays, or family dramas.

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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Today’s post is about Tennessee Williams’ Cat on a Hot Tin Roof!

…At least, that’s what I’d have written yesterday. I read the play but didn’t have a chance to pop this up, so today we’re going two for two. Alright then, let’s get into it. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof has themes of alcoholism, homosexuality, and cancer, so if any of those are triggering, you’ll have a hard time with this play. You’ll enjoy it if you like Aristotle’s unities, psychological interiority, or family dramas.

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