Today’s post is about Robert Kirkman and ‘s Outcast! If you’re squeamish about blood or if the long-time question of God’s abandonment bores you, then this isn’t a series for you. But if you’re into the idea of God working in mysterious ways and rural angst, Outcast more than delivers.

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East of West

Today’s post is about Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta’s East of West! There is…everything in this series: blood, gore, body horror, and, in later issues, techno-psychological horror. Sometimes there’s not even blood or gore but things just look gross. Proceed with caution – or at the very least, don’t read while eating lunch like I did. If you’re into Westerns, dystopias (as I am!), cyberpunk, political intrigue, or alternate histories mixed in with some folklore and creative liberties, you’ll love East of West.

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